Insta360 One R first look

Posted: 08 Sep 2020

Author: Richard

The Insta360 One R is an interesting little beast: rather than just being a camera, it's a modular system. You connect the "core" module (or mod, as Insta360 call them) to a lens mod, attach a battery, and away you go. This system allows you to, for example, switch between a GoPro-style action camera (using the 4K wide angle mod) to a 360 degree camera (using the dual lens mod). There is also the "1-inch" mod, which features a larger image sensor and a Leica lens.

Insta360 One R standard battery base

Starting from the bottom of the stack, this is the standard battery base that ships with the camera. The top left has the contacts where it connects to the core mod. In the centre front you can see the slider that will release the battery from the rest of the camera.

Insta360 One R core mod side view showing connectors Insta360 One R core mod rear view showing touch screen

Next up, the Core mod. As the name suggests, this is the core of the camera system. The core houses the controls (power and shutter buttons on the top), SD card and USB-C data and power connectors on the side, and two connectors for the lens mod to attach to. Why two? Well, the 4K wide angle and 1" mods can be oriented to face towards or away from the operator. The 360 degree dual lens mod has two sensors and records two video streams.

Insta360 One R 4K wide-angle lens mod

Here's the 4K wide-angle mod. Think of this as your normal action camera. Note the notches on the top: there are where the battery clips in. They are on both top and bottom of this mod because it can be fitted facing forwards or backwards depending on the use-case.

Insta360 One R 360 degree dual lens mod

Here's the 360 degree dual lens mod. Note that it has two data connectors, visible on the left hand side. Unlike the 4K mod, the dual lens mod does not have the battery mounting duplicated, so it does matter which way you install it. Yes, that seems odd to me as well!

The assembled Insta360 One R camera showing the battery base, core mod and 360 degree dual lens mod

This is what you get when you put it all together - although there is actually another piece not shown: the cage that holds everything together and provides a GoPro compatible mounting foot. Insta360 claim it's splashproof when assembled in the cage, but also note that it's not really intended for underwater use: there are optional dive cases available if you want to go swimming with it.

I hope to have some sample video up shortly. It's a bit hard at the moment when we're still in stage four lockdown and can't really leave the house. There's an album of images, including some other accessories, over at