Emirate EK1 DXB LHR First Class

Posted: 14 Nov 2019

Author: Richard

A couple of quick notes to start:

  • While there was a burger on the menu from Melbourne to Dubai, I’d literally just had one in the lounge before boarding, and couldn’t bring myself to have another.
  • I consider a steak sandwich to be a form of burger, and thus valid for inclusion here.


Turns out the second leg of our journey didn’t have a burger on the menu, so as I was just looking for something light I ordered the steak sandwich. It was served on toasted focaccia, with melted cheese and onion. Tomato sauce and mustard was served on the side. The dish was completed with coleslaw and crisps (I guess a deep fryer on a plane might be considered a bit of a safety issue).

The two pieces of steak in the sandwich were thin, but beautifully cooked; juice and very tender. The focaccia was nicely toasted, with a bit of crunch but not dry and crumbly.

The weakest part of the meal was the coleslaw, which was a bit on the tasteless side. On the other hand, salad next to a burger should be considered a garnish, so no big deal there!


And yes, the mojito paired quite nicely!