Suburban Burger

Posted: 27 Oct 2019

Author: Richard

Tucked away at one end of the Lynbrook Village shopping centre is Suburban Burger. The place has a slightly industrial aesthetic, with lots of recycled timber and shipping pallets. Out one side is what’s almost a beer garden, which I can imagine will be packed when the weather warms up a little. And yes, it’s licensed!


Bren has ordered the “Saviour” (healthy burger): grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, avocado and tasty cheese with aioli and relish.


I’ve gone for the “Macho Nacho”: Beef patty with tostadas, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, chili con carne and cheese (asked them hold the jalapeños ‘cause I just don’t like them!).


We both decided to go for a small combo, ‘cause who can have a burger without a side of chips?

First up: good chips! Nice and crunchy, with a good sprinkle of chicken salt. Generous serve, too: I didn’t need to eat them all, but I did ‘cause they were tasty.

Bren’s verdict on the Saviour: She liked it. The chicken itself was a little bland, but it was a piece of grilled chicken, so what do you expect? The aioli and relish more than made up for it.

The Macho Nacho: While the burger was pretty tasty, it was let down by the tostados coming over as slightly stale. Overall it was good, but a bit more fresh crunch from the corn chips would make it heaps better.

We agreed that our burgers were a 6/10, but overall bumped the score to 7/10 thanks to the chips.

Would we come back? Sure - we had a hard time choosing our burgers this time around thanks to a menu of stuff that sounds yum.

Suburban Burger
75 Lynbrook Boulevard
Lynbrook VIC 3975