Kelly's Hotel

Posted: 20 Oct 2019

Author: Richard

This popped up on a TripAdvisor list of best burgers in Cranbourne, but what really caught my eye was that they respond to their reviews, acknowledging and addressing any complaints. We like that kind of engagement!

The menu is on their web site at We both ordered the “All American” ($25.90), although Bren went un-American and added beetroot to hers (for an extra $2.00).


Interestingly, they don’t have a button for “add beetroot”, so the person taking the order used “add pineapple” and added beetroot as a comment, but didn’t add “don’t really add the pineapple”, so it came out with both.


This is not a burger that you can eat without making a mess. You can shove it in your mouth if you make an effort, but you’re going to be wearing sauce all over your face. Kelly’s knows this, and serve it with a steak knife so you can cut it.


Good bits:

  • Generous with toppings (I hate when someone throws a lone slice of tomato onto the bun and then calls it a salad)
  • Good sized and well cooked patty, nicely charred on the outside but still moist and juicy in the middle
  • Friendly service

Not so good bits:

  • Maybe a little too generous on the American mustard; it was slightly overpowering
  • The chips were seasoned with something that tasted vaguely Indian. It wasn’t awful, but certainly wasn’t what my mouth was expecting. Bring on the chicken salt!

Overall, not bad at all. We give Kelly’s a 7/10 for their All American (and I will be back at some point to check out their chicken burger, which also sounds delicious).

Kelly's Hotel
38-56 High Street
Cranbourne VIC 3977